Belize 07.01.15

Good Evening From Belize!

Our last full day of activities and we took it all in! The day began a little earlier than usual as we hiked around St. Georges Caye and enjoyed a historical walking tour. The history is fascinating and dates back to the early 1700’s. We used a spy map that Spain created in 1732. What a history lesson for the day!

After breakfast we hopped on the boat and traveled to the mangroves and experienced all the organisms that benefit from this protected area. Our students participated in a survey where they kept track of all the organisms they found. They are so good at this!

In the afternoon we snorkeled at multiple sites stopping first at the big drop-off, moving on to a location filled with sea stars, lobster, conch, barracudas, spotted-eagle stingrays, a multitude of rainbow colored fish, and even a glimpse of a sea turtle!

Absolutely loving island life!

GOPR0552 GOPR0538 GOPR0545 GOPR0577 IMG_8141 IMG_8034


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